8/09/14 Yard Sale Finds

For this weeks yard sale finds I have a few things to share. It has been slowing down a bit, not too much left out there this yard sale season to uncover/discover. Anyways, I found these 2 antique sterling silver monogramed hand held mirror and crystal powder jar. Very pretty items but they do show some damage as you can see on the mirror glass.


This little doll was purchased at a moving sale. The woman told me she purchased it while traveling down south from a little old lady who hand made these dolls and doll clothing and was selling them from her house on the side of the road. I just thought the doll was very captivating looking. Even her little fingers are stitched, so cute!


8/02/14 Yard Sale Finds

Despite being sick I was able to make yard sales. Well, just barely I should add. I really pushed myself because there were several that looked promising. I also thought it may make me feel better getting out of the house and putting my mind to something else other than my not feeling well. The first sale on my list was a house contents sale (my absolute favorite of all kinds of sales). This just adds all kinds of excitement on what you can possibly find. There was a small line when I arrived, about 5 people ahead of me. They had a strict start time and NO EARLY BIRDS stated in the online ad. But, if you know anything about yard sales or contents sales, people come early no matter what. She ended up letting everyone in about 10 minutes early anyway (This is why you don’t take the NO EARLY BIRDS threat too seriously, if you are a pro.) Anyway, I walked in and gravitated to the dinning room which was dark but had a lot of neat old looking items but I was quickly told nothing in that room was for sale. Utoh right, this is not looking promising  already. I walked around and didn’t see much, went upstairs and not much up there except for furniture, which is not my thing. Turns out the good stuff was in the den and the basement. I, not being on my A game because of being very sluggish and sick, was slow to get there and missed out on some great stuff. But I did snatch up some cool items. The woman running the sale was selling her mothers things. Her mother was a local Wayne, Pa artist Ann Balbirnie and I was able to get some original works of art by her seen below.

photo 4 (2) photo 5 (2)

I also found outside an old folk art iron rooster for $20 which is super cool and really has a great old look to it.

photo 1

photo 3 - Copy

The other item I found outside, attached to the house was this bell. I spend all of the energy I didn’t have getting this bell off the siding, of course being very mindful not the damage the house. I finally got it off the house, how could I not for $4? I was determined like it was my mission for the day, hah.

photo 2 - Copy

A rusty old sewing table gets new life!

I dug this metal sewing table out of an attic estate sale a few weeks ago. I really liked the bones of it so I decided to take it upon myself to restore it to its former glory. Well, it is missing a side leaf so I’ll say almost back to its former glory, lol. I picked a nice retro green color and a primer and got to sanding the whole thing down. Sanding took me a few hours because I wanted to make sure I got all the rust off and it was nice and smooth. A few days later I took on the task of primer painting and today I just finished the final coat of paint! All and all it did not take me long and spray painting is easy enough with the Valspar paint, they have the easy spray bottles. 2 cans of primer paint and 2 cans of the finish coat paint and a few pieces of sandpaper (I used 100 grit) was all it took. Check out my pictures below!

photo 1 - Copy (7)

photo 2 - Copy (2)

photo 3 - Copy (4)





7/12/14 Yard Sale Finds

Thank you for checking out my blog which is updated every week with my yard and estate sale finds from the previous weekend. Please feel free to explore my “Picks of the Past” page and also you can see all previous weeks since I began my blog. And believe me, there are some really great and surprising finds over the last few years! Also be sure to follow my blog so you don’t miss anything I find in the future. All items I purchase at yard sales are for sale, so if you see something you want email me and we will work out a purchase through Paypal.

I am just an ordinary young woman with a love for vintage and antique items of all kinds! I have been going to estate sales with my dad ever since I can remember. I fell in love with estate sales from a very early age. Starting with Susan Vitale Estate Sales on the Philadelphia Main Line, Pa. “The Main Line is an unofficial historical and socio-cultural region of suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, comprising a collection of affluent towns built along the old Main Line of the Pennsylvania Railroad which ran northwest from downtown Philadelphia parallel to Lancaster Avenue (US Route 30).”-Wikipedia

The very first 2 things I remember buying were a fun little polar bear and bird carved figurines from a Susan Vitale Estate Sale. Not knowing at the time but they are in fact Ivory, those are something I will always keep as a reminders of her wonderful sales. You could always get a bargain at ones of her estate sales. Sadly, she retired a few years ago and I think that really kind of ended a certain generation of estate sales here on the Main Line. There are Gunning Co. sales which there are possibilities, but rare to get a great find because they look most things up. There are also Sales by Helen but she is overpriced, in my opinion, and not very friendly to negotiations. She has also kind of lost the following of many of the regulars due to one reason or another.

Enough about all that, let’s get on with my great yard sale finds of the 12th of July weekend.

Here is an old leather doctors bag which was purchased at a Gunning Co. Estate Sale. Full of old instruments and medicine, even surgical scrubs. I believe the doctor was a Obstetrician. I have a medical collecting interest so I am keeping many of the contents but everything in pictures including the doctor’s bag, scrubs, Stethoscope are for sale and some of the instruments. (I already removed what I am keeping.)
photo 5 (2)
photo 2 - Copy (4)

photo 1 - Copy (5)

Now I paid a lot for this leather doctor’s bag with contents ($200+) but it came with some great items. And when it comes to items I collect personally, I don’t mind paying retail. But, I never pay above retail just because I hate over paying for anything. So here are a few pictures of what I am keeping out of the bag. Some of the items already have homes in my collection :)

photo - Copy (4)

photo 2 - Copy (5)

photo 3 - Copy (3)

photo 4 - Copy (2)

photo 1 - Copy (6)

Random Find behind a picture frame!

This seems to be my month of surprising finds! Although not as rare and valuable as my Lincoln Funeral Paper Ribbon found in back of medical book. This is just as fun in my opinion.
Firstly, I love old photographs. Especially old group photographs of the military nature or antique class pictures. I just enjoy the history of them and looking at what people looked/dressed like 100 years ago. I purchased 2 old group pictures framed, one was a group of men of which one was receiving a silver award cup of some nature. The other was a grade school boys and girls graduation photograph. I would say both from the 1920’s or 1930’s.
Anyway, I like to take them apart, when framed and clean the glass of dirt and dust. Hidden behind the class graduation photograph was a WW1 “Son in Service” window poster. After doing some research, I discovered that in WW1 and WW2 the families of those serving overseas would hang these posters in their windows to show support for their loved ones. The Blue Star symbolized how many of their family members were in the war. In this case the one blue star meaning one loved one. On the bottom states printed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1919. It is a little damaged but really neat, I think!

7/5/14 Yard Sale Finds

I am posting early today (Saturday) because today was a short yard sale day being yesterday was the 4th of July. My dad and I were done sales by 11am which is super early for this time of year. First sale was in Villanova, I got some Sterling silver bracelets and rings for $1, I also got a stack of old comic books there, which I haven’t looked up yet but I think there are 15 and I paid around that for them. The highlight of today was getting an old portrait painting. I am still doing research and I may take it to a gallery or art appraiser but so far I know the artist, Marcia Silvette aka Marcia Silvette Kiachif who’s mother and father (David Silvette) were both artists and lived and worked in Virginia. As far as value, I have no idea as of yet but it does have some pealing paint so I need to be careful with it.