9/13/2014 Yard Sale Finds

Hi all. This weekend I was lucky enough to be first at a house contents sale. The owner died and relatives hired a small company to sell it all off. Definitely a packed hoarder type of situation. But, if you are like me, you don’t mind the dust or clutter. It’s like a modern day treasure hunt.

Well, I learned a valuable lesson this week. NEVER leave your pile of goodies unattended. I had several items taken from my pile. I was able to track down a few canes someone took and got them back but there was a lot of other things that were taken that I never saw again. I am thinking next time I am going to bring ribbon or post it’s which say SOLD. Not leaving your pile is hard for sales like this one where there is a basement and first, second and third floors. You cannot very well bring your things all over the house with you when you are a large volume buyer like myself. Anyways, I learned a valuable lesson and this will not be happening to me again.

BTW, the man who stole my canes would not give them back when I nicely confronted him, I had to go to the person running the sale in order to get them. Some of these Pickers are not friendly and will do just about anything including steal. I heard a local story awhile back where some guy ripped a piece of jewelry out of a woman’s hand at a yard sale. Some people are just not right, I will never be one of those people.

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9/06/2014 Yard Sale Finds

This week I found a nice little box full of old track and field athletic medals, some of which are from the well known Penn Relays event. Not all the medals are dated but most are from the late 1960’s. There is one medal which looks special/unique to the others, undated and I am in the process of trying to find history and age on it. I have tested it to be sterling silver. It looks to be a coin given to participating athletes of the special annual event. It is a large as well as thick medal about 1 3/4″. On the front it depicts an athlete and what looks like a roman holding a torch together with the world in the background. On the back it reads Oxford and Cambridge vs. Pennsylvania and Cornell – England. I know the name of the original owner to be William W. Wilson due to some of the medals having names engraved.



8/30/2014 Yard Sale Finds

I have just posted the previous 3 weeks worth of yard sale finds. If interested, please go back to 8/23 and 8/16 to view those which were posted today along with this weeks finds. I have been very busy and today was the first chance in the last few weeks I have had the opportunity to post on this blog. I will be more consistent from now I, I promise. Barring any catastrophe of course. *knock on wood*  :)

I found some wonderfully old books this week. First, I will tell you that I was lucky enough to be the first one to this sale. The start time was set for 9am but I showed up around 7:30 to see if they were set up and open. And they were, so I walked up to a large set up of books and the like inside a garage. (it was raining so this was a relief.) This was a moving sale. Lots of cool old things which I will share photos of below. Now, this first book is beat up, It is dated inside to 1827. It says it is a “Revised code of Laws of Illinois. This is really neat being there cannot be many of these out there. Yes it is beat up, but the pages are readable and I would think the rarity of it would surpass the condition. I have no idea what this is worth and I believe I will need to find an antique historical book dealer to find out.  I will update when I get around to doing that.



Also at this sale were these 2 WWI era Military Medical Manuals dated 1918. I love antique medical books. In general they have some of the most wonderful illustrations inside. These do not but very cool to find sitting on a shelf at a garage sale.



And finally there are these old Medical graduation certificates and awards. These are about 6 more larger framed certificates that are not pictured here but were also included in my purchased from this same moving sale. Not sure why they were being sold but who am I to judge. I am just happy to have been the person to purchase them. Being a collector of medical items, I may keep one because these are certificates which are local to me (Philadelphia). The dates range as you can imagine because you graduate different studies at various years and receive awards at different times of your life. I believe the earliest was early 1940’s and the latest award in the 1990’s.


8/23/2014 Yard Sale Finds

I purchased this old photo album which is another thing I love to find at estate sales. Don’t ask me why people sell them, perhaps they belonged to someone who the current owner doesn’t know. Either way, I always enjoy finding them and taking a look at someone else’s life from a much different time.



This is something which may not seem that neat to everyone but in my eyes I think  it is very cool. This is a 1945 WW2 mail kit for someone in the United States Navy. I love military items, and I have seen the red and blue striped envelopes, as many have, which have been filled in and mailed. I have not seen, until this one, one of these kits with unused contents. $1


8/16/2014 Yard Sale Finds

I am sorry for the delay in the past few weeks on my updates. Life is crazy right now. I suppose it always is to some degree, but I just haven’t had any free time.

I have many posts to share for the past several weeks. Lots of new and fun things I have found on my many yard sale hunts. Every week it’s something different than the previous weeks finds. This is what makes my job so fun and I am so very thankful that I am able to do what I love and only pray that I am able to continue to do so for man years to come.

So I will start out with several old grade school composition books. These are neat to look through as all but one has writing inside from a first grader. One of the books is dated to, I believe, 1910 but I am not sure if they are all that old. Either way, really neat little books for $1 each.



Next I would like to share this large brass scale I purchased for $20. Neat scale, not 100% sure what it was used for. Seems big to be pharmaceutical which many of these scales were for. I guess it could be, but more research needs to be done on this.


8/09/14 Yard Sale Finds

For this weeks yard sale finds I have a few things to share. It has been slowing down a bit, not too much left out there this yard sale season to uncover/discover. Anyways, I found these 2 antique sterling silver monogramed hand held mirror and crystal powder jar. Very pretty items but they do show some damage as you can see on the mirror glass.


This little doll was purchased at a moving sale. The woman told me she purchased it while traveling down south from a little old lady who hand made these dolls and doll clothing and was selling them from her house on the side of the road. I just thought the doll was very captivating looking. Even her little fingers are stitched, so cute!


8/02/14 Yard Sale Finds

Despite being sick I was able to make yard sales. Well, just barely I should add. I really pushed myself because there were several that looked promising. I also thought it may make me feel better getting out of the house and putting my mind to something else other than my not feeling well. The first sale on my list was a house contents sale (my absolute favorite of all kinds of sales). This just adds all kinds of excitement on what you can possibly find. There was a small line when I arrived, about 5 people ahead of me. They had a strict start time and NO EARLY BIRDS stated in the online ad. But, if you know anything about yard sales or contents sales, people come early no matter what. She ended up letting everyone in about 10 minutes early anyway (This is why you don’t take the NO EARLY BIRDS threat too seriously, if you are a pro.) Anyway, I walked in and gravitated to the dinning room which was dark but had a lot of neat old looking items but I was quickly told nothing in that room was for sale. Utoh right, this is not looking promising  already. I walked around and didn’t see much, went upstairs and not much up there except for furniture, which is not my thing. Turns out the good stuff was in the den and the basement. I, not being on my A game because of being very sluggish and sick, was slow to get there and missed out on some great stuff. But I did snatch up some cool items. The woman running the sale was selling her mothers things. Her mother was a local Wayne, Pa artist Ann Balbirnie and I was able to get some original works of art by her seen below.

photo 4 (2) photo 5 (2)

I also found outside an old folk art iron rooster for $20 which is super cool and really has a great old look to it.

photo 1

photo 3 - Copy

The other item I found outside, attached to the house was this bell. I spend all of the energy I didn’t have getting this bell off the siding, of course being very mindful not the damage the house. I finally got it off the house, how could I not for $4? I was determined like it was my mission for the day, hah.

photo 2 - Copy