5/25/2013 Yard Sale Picks

Vintage mutant/alien masks found this morning..

SAM_9277 SAM_9282 SAM_9288 SAM_9292


5/18/2013 Yard Sale Picks

Here are some yard sale picks from this past Saturday 5/18/2013.

****Anything I post here is for sale unless otherwise marked**** 

This is a Vornado table top fan from the 1950’s, still works great! Purchased for $5. *Keeping this.


This is a porcelain railroad sign. What makes this extra cool is written on the back is where it is from and in what year it was acquired. Purchased for $7.


This is a group of various metal signs all from different yard sales. Total bought for $12.


Here is a group of 8 vintage Grateful Dead t-shirts from 1991-1999 purchased for $1 each.


Introducing myself and my page..

 I am a lover of all things flea market, yard, estate and garage sales. And lets not forget auctions, thrift stores and free finds on the side of the road.

I have been going to these places with my dad since I could walk. This is a site dedicated to what I find each week. 

I am a re-seller through eBay, Craigslist and auctions in my area.

I hope that people will contribute with their finds as well. I would like to share with others and exchange experiences and advice when it comes to value age or other information.