6/15/2013 Yard Sale Picks

It’s been slow going for sales the past 2 weeks but I got a box of newspapers dating early 1800’s for free. There is one with an article of Lincoln’s assassination but that one is particularly beat up unfortunately. These are all for sale if anyone is interested I can take better photographs. Nearly all of these are from early 1800’s and there’s about 50 papers.



6/8/2013 Yard Sale Picks

This past Saturday morning on the 8th I found this nice group of 1970’s movie posters at a moving sale. I paid $25 for the group.

Fun fact: my favorite aunt ❤ was an extra in Jaws 2.

SAM_9883 SAM_9888 SAM_9890 SAM_9891


6/1/2013 Yard Sale Picks

I won this item at an auction this Saturday. It is an Arnold Steam Sterilizer for medical instruments with patent dated from the late 1800’s. It was made by Wilmot Castle & co in Rochester, NY. It has a US Navy stamp on the top as well. This steam sterilizer is made of heavy copper and has double walls and doors.

SAM_9505  SAM_9507 SAM_9503  SAM_9494SAM_9498