5/10/14 Yard Sale Picks

This was a productive weekend of yard sale hunting. Below are my finds for Saturday May 10th. I am always looking for unique and vintage or antique items. The weirder or rarer the better when it comes to finding great items to resell online. Check out my pictures below of what I found going to Yard and Moving sales this week.

This was purchased at a moving sale. It is a hidden bookshelf radio, very neat item!


This is an old Concordia Line Cruise Ship Souvenir Tin.


Hand Signed and #’d Artists Proof Photograph by Bill Coleman. Picture is of 2 young Amish girls.


The following 2 Newspapers are dated 1945, WWII era. Paid $1 each paper.


Here is a small lot of vintage Christmas items. There is a Santa metal bank, 2 unused Santa candles, a glass Christmas Tree ornament topper, a battery op Singing Santa, also a large fabric pillow Santa. Gotta love vintage Christmas stuff in May for cheap!

I purchased this 1950’s Framed Display of Dog Show Ribbons from the same sale as the Concordia Tin, WW2 Newspapers and the Ouija board & animal trinkets you will see below.

1960’s era Ouija board in the original box, fun stuff!

I purchased this box of small vintage animal trinkets and other small items for $5, in this case quantity over quality wins.


4 thoughts on “5/10/14 Yard Sale Picks

  1. Fantastic! Coleman’s photograph is a hit!

  2. Hello, I was just wondering where you found the Concordia Line tin? The Concordia Line ships were from Norway, they were dry cargo ships that had first class accommodations for 12 passengers traveling across the Atlantic. It was my Husbands family who owned the company. They ran from the early 30’s up until 1980.

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