5/17/14 Yard Sale Picks

Today was an exciting day! My dad and I arrived to the first estate sale to find a TV film crew there. They were filming for a possible reality Tv show based on estate sale pickers like myself and my dad. I, being camera shy, did not partake but my dad was more than eager to give his two cents. The sale was in a large mansion style home in a very nice area. Lots of Original Walt Disney Cels, Autographed Sports Memorabilia, Autographed Music Memorabilia, Musical Instruments and Original Artwork. Most of the items were out of my price range but my dad and I were able to make a small pile of the lesser priced items to purchase. The estate sale was located at 904 BRUSHTOWN ROAD LOWER GWYNEDD, PA 19002 and is still going on for Monday 5/18. Here are some pictures from the sale, check them out!




10271568_10203580826028549_2131849328744070663_n (2)





Now to the real fun stuff, these are the items we purchased from the above estate sale for a total of $275. Check out the pictures!
Here is a 4 foot elevator sign, I have a sign wall so I am going to put this on my wall.

These 2 items are actual signs used at Walt Disney World as part of their year 2000 celebration!

Mark McGwire trading card poster with a autographed baseball card included with the COA.

This is something I have always wanted, an antique brass microscope made by Spencer. I love this kind of stuff!

This is a random grouping of item, I realize but this is a good example of the range of items you should look out for a yard and estate sales. There is a rocket ship metal bank, an old snoopy toy, 2 1930’s Pennants, a PO box door and a porcelain container with the original lid.

As far as the steel guitar goes, it was the cheapest and most beat up of any of the instruments for sale but my dad and I decided to take a chance on it because It looks so cool. This item was $75.


8 thoughts on “5/17/14 Yard Sale Picks

  1. Very neat! Gorgeous home. Fun to look around isn’t it?

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  3. Those were some terrific finds. Thanks for introducing me to your blog. Also on mine you may want to check out my $2.00 Tuesdays. Good things purchased for $2.00 bucks. I became a follower to keep up with your finds. Happy hunting!

  4. Great stuff! Will read more of your posts:) And next time don’t be shy;)

  5. I know I know, I have always been shy 🙂

  6. Love all the great finds, especially the Snoopy figure!!! Great job!!!

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