5/24/14 Yard Sale Picks

This morning was calling for possible showers luckily none ever came. So it was a full day of estate sale hunting and yard sale bargain searching! We started the day off around 7am and went to North Wales, Pa for a sale that had potential. Well at least that is how it sounded in the craigslist ad. It was more of a retail price yard sale which is a big bummer when you plan your route like I do. Next we drove all the way about 40 minutes to our normal area which is the Main Line of Pa. Very well off area and yard sales every single week. Here we spent our day traveling my planned route from one garage and moving sale to the next. Finished the day off at a Gunning Co. Estate sale which is where they have been filming the reality Tv show. Cameras and crew were gone by the time we got there but I included some pictures of the estate sale for you to see anyway.
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photo 4 - Copy (3)

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So my finds for today: some stained glass windows and an antique carved wooden bed headboard (I think) dated 1911. Not sure what broken stained glass windows are worth but I figure someone maybe could repair them. Not all the windows are broken but still, very beautiful colored glass and lead glass window art! And the headboard is super super cool. This is so neat I think you could just hang it on the wall for a rustic focal point of a room. It’s very well made with heavy wood and iron support plates. Also features a Cross in the center on the front amist all the ornate carvings and the date of 1911. Really makes you wonder who this was for and where it came from. Take a look at my yard sale picks pics below:)

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