6/28/14 Yard Sale Finds

For this week I have a surprise to share. Well, an unexpected surprise for me. I purchased a big old medical book from the early 1900’s. Some really cool color medical images I have plans for in my house. I have an antique medical/oddities theme for one of the rooms in my house. Anyway, I was flipping through the big old 1000 page book and what came falling out?


At first thought, I was thinking, this isn’t real. What are the chances? But, I looked up Abraham Lincoln Memorial items on google and there it was. A framed one sold for $375!! I am almost tempted to keep it, as I like holding onto rare things that have meaning behind them. But, I have so much stuff, I really cannot keep anything else. So, this is a Lincoln paper ribbon you would pin onto your coat for Lincoln Funeral Procession. How cool! Let that be a reminder to you, always check your old books! This is not the first time I have found something hidden in an old book, so it does happen!


6/21/14 – My Own Yard Sale

Last minute this week, I decided I had to have my own yard sale. I normally have one every year in Ardmore, but this time I had it in Blue Bell, where I live currently. I never had a sale here before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I made 4 signs, normally I made about 20. That part was great! Start time was set for 8am till 1. First person showed up by 7:45, when in Ardmore, they are normally an hour early. By 8 am there were about 10-15 people here and for the next 30 minutes I was in a slow motion time machine. By 8:30, had you told me it was noon, I would have believed you that’s how insane that half an hour was. But yard sales are always that way for me when I am hosting. So anyway, we ended up almost selling out by 11am so we decided to pack it up. From 8-11 I made $800 and had the rest of the beautiful day to relax. It was the shortest and easiest yard sale day of my life!

6/14/14 Yard Sale Finds

I am behind in my updating on this website and I apologize for that. I have been very busy with yard sales and listing and haven’t had a minute to myself. Here are some pictures from what I found on the weekend of 6/14. A collection of Russian Nesting Dolls which I purchased for $1 each. Also I went to an estate sale and found some old NYC Marathon Medals in a box in the garage which I purchased for a few dollars.