6/21/14 – My Own Yard Sale

Last minute this week, I decided I had to have my own yard sale. I normally have one every year in Ardmore, but this time I had it in Blue Bell, where I live currently. I never had a sale here before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I made 4 signs, normally I made about 20. That part was great! Start time was set for 8am till 1. First person showed up by 7:45, when in Ardmore, they are normally an hour early. By 8 am there were about 10-15 people here and for the next 30 minutes I was in a slow motion time machine. By 8:30, had you told me it was noon, I would have believed you that’s how insane that half an hour was. But yard sales are always that way for me when I am hosting. So anyway, we ended up almost selling out by 11am so we decided to pack it up. From 8-11 I made $800 and had the rest of the beautiful day to relax. It was the shortest and easiest yard sale day of my life!


One thought on “6/21/14 – My Own Yard Sale

  1. you did great! not bad at all

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