7/5/14 Yard Sale Finds

I am posting early today (Saturday) because today was a short yard sale day being yesterday was the 4th of July. My dad and I were done sales by 11am which is super early for this time of year. First sale was in Villanova, I got some Sterling silver bracelets and rings for $1, I also got a stack of old comic books there, which I haven’t looked up yet but I think there are 15 and I paid around that for them. The highlight of today was getting an old portrait painting. I am still doing research and I may take it to a gallery or art appraiser but so far I know the artist, Marcia Silvette aka Marcia Silvette Kiachif who’s mother and father (David Silvette) were both artists and lived and worked in Virginia. As far as value, I have no idea as of yet but it does have some pealing paint so I need to be careful with it.


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