I have been on Vacation/Sick

Sorry for the gap in posting. My fiancé took me to Florida for a surprise vacation and while there I got sick. I am home now but still sick and wanted to post with an update at least for those interested.




6 thoughts on “I have been on Vacation/Sick

  1. That was nice to hear, but sorry you got sick.. Hope you feel better soon

  2. Oh that’s terrible:(! Get well soon!

  3. Sorry to hear you got sick on vacation (something probably best done at home).

    I just read your About page and we are neighbors, sort of. You say on that page that others can submit their own yard sale finds. How is that done. I have a few finds I wouldn’t mind sharing, most of which I have photographs for.

    Thank you,

    • Thank you for taking the time to comment. Getting sick is definitely something for being home. Nothing worse than being bed ridden in a strange place. Not that Florida is strange to me but it’s definitely not the comfort of home.
      As far as adding your finds you can do it in the comment section and add a link to your picture. One you submit a comment a link to it becomes featured on the right side of the home page under “Recent Comments” section.

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