9/06/2014 Yard Sale Finds

This week I found a nice little box full of old track and field athletic medals, some of which are from the well known Penn Relays event. Not all the medals are dated but most are from the late 1960’s. There is one medal which looks special/unique to the others, undated and I am in the process of trying to find history and age on it. I have tested it to be sterling silver. It looks to be a coin given to participating athletes of the special annual event. It is a large as well as thick medal about 1 3/4″. On the front it depicts an athlete and what looks like a roman holding a torch together with the world in the background. On the back it reads Oxford and Cambridge vs. Pennsylvania and Cornell – England. I know the name of the original owner to be William W. Wilson due to some of the medals having names engraved.




4 thoughts on “9/06/2014 Yard Sale Finds

  1. Where do you find these amazing finds and how do you research them? How do you know what to take and what to leave and what on earth do you do with all that fabulous stuff???

    • I make yard sale and estate sale route lists in the area I live based off craigslist ads. I go every Saturday morning and have been doing this for a long time. 90% of sales I go to you get out look and get back in. I look and gravitate towards what interests me, whatever’s old looking or what I know has value. I have an abundance of things in my house at all times, which my fiancé does not like but I try to keep it all in my office. What I do is sell over the internet on auction sites as well as craigslist. Once a year I do a yard sale of my own to purge excess.

      • Fantastic! How much fun you must have. Did you learn what has value from a course or research or what? I have a million questions, sorry! It’s just so fascinating. I just go for pretty, shiney, lol!

      • I love it yes 🙂 I learn values simply by for the most part trusting my gut. Sometimes I overpay but it’s rare because I never buy anything too expensive. I also have a feel for it but I never took any courses. I have watched tv shows and I do a lot of eBay price searching. So every week I learn more about different things I buy and then I know for next time. I watch show American pickers so I know signs, rusty antique iron, and architectural antiques are hot right now. It’s a learning experience every week which makes it fun too. I enjoy the researching part when I find something interesting and unique just as much as the actual finding part.

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