01-17-15 Yard Sale Finds

Here is a cool piece of militaria I found at an estate sale for $40. Trying to date this old wood crate, it has some rare Stanley Works logos on it from what I’ve been able to tell so far. It reads on lid
“Set Radio Telegraph
Type MC-300
Complete W/ Chests
Ser. No. 305
(Spare Parts)”

The side reads:

On the handles are the logo SW inside a heart.
On the lid on metal bracket it reads:
” 92
Stanley Works”






I found this Star Trek Panel in an estate sale attic hanging on the wall. Trying to find out if it’s real or a reproduction. I have an authentic Screen Panel prop from the movie Sunshine and it feels and looks similar in authenticity. But I have no CoA for the Star Trek panel so I can’t say for sure.




I also found this super cool old Stop sign in a garage for $5! I couldn’t believe it when she said the price! I also got 2 street signs and a porcelain No Smoking sign there as well. Those also $5 each.



I also got these 1950’s bowling trophies at the estate sale with the Star Trek panel. The one has broken arm unfortunately. I really enjoy old trophies.



1/10/2015 Yard Sale Finds

Couple things to show for this last weekend. First I got a cast iron and porcelain street sign. I picked it up at an antique shop for $60. Its rusty and beat up but I like the look of it. I’m going to try and build a makeshift post for it to stand on. Thought $60 was a fair price as well so I snagged it.


Also got this complete boyscout uniform from Early 1960’s. 2 Shirts with patches, 2 pairs of pants, 1 pair of shorts, 3 handkerchiefs, belt and cap.


1/03/2015 Yard Sale Finds

As to be expected there were no estate or yard sales this first weekend of 2015. I went to a few antique stores looking to get lucky and believe I did. See below.


I snagged these 2 antique Oak school desks for $20 each. They are marked Moulthrop on the sides and the drawer pull under the seat stamped Langslow Fowler Co. Rochester NY Moulthrop. They are small desks and need some cleaned of the wood, but for $20 I had to buy them both. I have never seen desks like this before, so cool.


IMG_1143 (2)

I am a sucker for World War 2 military memorabilia. This is a US Military ID dated 1942, also includes 2 patches, 2 pins and his letterhead stamp. I purchased this for $40 so It’s not like to got a great deal but it came in this nice shadow box also. This will most likely stay with my personal military collection which is why I didn’t mind paying retail for it. I was able to find his obituary online, here is an excerpt on his military career: “An Army veteran of World War II, Mr. Marsh served as a captain in Europe during World War II and as a major in the Korean War. Later, he joined the Army Reserve and retired as a lieutenant colonel.”