01-17-15 Yard Sale Finds

Here is a cool piece of militaria I found at an estate sale for $40. Trying to date this old wood crate, it has some rare Stanley Works logos on it from what I’ve been able to tell so far. It reads on lid
“Set Radio Telegraph
Type MC-300
Complete W/ Chests
Ser. No. 305
(Spare Parts)”

The side reads:

On the handles are the logo SW inside a heart.
On the lid on metal bracket it reads:
” 92
Stanley Works”






I found this Star Trek Panel in an estate sale attic hanging on the wall. Trying to find out if it’s real or a reproduction. I have an authentic Screen Panel prop from the movie Sunshine and it feels and looks similar in authenticity. But I have no CoA for the Star Trek panel so I can’t say for sure.




I also found this super cool old Stop sign in a garage for $5! I couldn’t believe it when she said the price! I also got 2 street signs and a porcelain No Smoking sign there as well. Those also $5 each.



I also got these 1950’s bowling trophies at the estate sale with the Star Trek panel. The one has broken arm unfortunately. I really enjoy old trophies.


4 thoughts on “01-17-15 Yard Sale Finds

  1. Ridiculous resale value at $5 costs. I’m jealous and therefore need to go pray for my 1 of 7 sins

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