4/18/15 Estate Sale Finds

Another one of my top 5 Estate Sale finds in back to back weeks! That will never happen again! I purchased this vintage original travel poster for $40 did some research and saw them selling for upwards of $1000 online. It has such a cool Art Deco look to it. When I bought it, it was rolled up and priced at $85. I thought maybe it’s worth $100 if I’m lucky, boy did I get lucky!



Same estate sale as poster, box of about 100 vintage gas station maps. Paid $20, sold these already for $200. Could have made a lot more selling individually but time is at a minimum currently for me. 


As far as this 1940s TV box. I paid $5 for it, I removed the guts and plan to turn it into a fish tank for my place!

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