05/09/15 Yard Sale Finds

For this weeks Yard Sale “Picking” I got a whole lot of Fossils and Minerals at a yard sale. I mean a TON! Not sure how the sellers got them but there are about 15 display boxes from The Nature Company. They are also mostly individually labeled and priced from $79.99 to a few dollars. 

I used to love that store when I was a kid about 15 years ago. My dad and I would ride our bicycles up to the shopping center and look at all the cool fossils and minerals and drink the free hot tea. Seeing these brought back a lot of fun memories.


  Huge Megalodon Shark Tooth.

  A box of dozens of authentic Indian Arrowheads all tell age and locations.

This is just one box of about 15 I have all are full of awesome things like these. There are Amber with insects, All kinds of fossils and beautiful minerals. If you see something you want let me know by commenting below😉 

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05/02/15 Yard Sale Finds

Back to Yard And Estate Sales! Feels good to be back on the hunt for bargains and treasures. Hopefully I can keep up my good luck.  I have a few different things to share this week. Check them out below. Also, everything is for sale. Comment below if you are interested in anything 😊

   My find of the day was this 1940s Glass Globe for only $5. Has a beautiful glow and a really cool Art Deco style metal base.

   Awesome old framed 1868 marriage license with pictures of the couple.

  This Is a framed 1896 Diploma for Northern Indiana Business Institute. I love old certificates.

This Is an old child’s blackboard with scrolling graphics up top. It is shown opened where it was also made to be used as a desktop.

  Oil can with cool graphics. I love the look of vintage graphics like this one.

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4/25/15 Enjoying the Little Things..

I have a few things to share today.

First of all, I love my job, I truly do. I hope I am able to continue to do what I love for many years. I also want to say sometimes you can get overwhelmed and even a little burnt out selling antiques and collectibles and working on the internet from home. I skipped estate and yard sales this week and for the whole week found a new passion..  bird watching.

I know what you are thinking but it is really relaxing and even entertaining at times. One day I went out on my patio and put some seed out and discovered how many different kinds of birds I had in the area. I even purchased a new camera and spent the week honing in on my bird photo skills.

So this week, instead of posting my antiques and collectible finds, I thought I would share some of my backyard photos of birds. I hope you enjoy viewing as much as I did taking them.

And one more little note… Please, if you can, try to take some time to enjoy the little things in life.

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