06/06/2015 Yard Sale Finds

I purchased some great vintage items this week at an estate sale and a moving sale. What I love about doing what I do is you never know what you will find or where you will find it. It keeps things interesting and it’s never boring.

 These are really cool 1950’s leather combat boots. Gotta love the look of these and especially the wear. I found these in the way back of a closet full of clothes. It pays to dig at contents sales!  
This is an old hand painted metal sign, really cool patina to it which is hard to tell by the glare from the flash.


Below is what I love about estate sales. This is an entire family’s photos way back to the tin ones up to the 1980s. I always buy this stuff when I see it because I enjoy having them. Sad as it is that no one wanted these photos, I’m happy to be the one to save them from the trash. Also included in this box of memories was every single congratulations letter from his various promotions the man of the house received in his lifelong career at The Pennsylvania Railroad. Very cool!


If you see something you want let me know by commenting below😉 

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2 thoughts on “06/06/2015 Yard Sale Finds

  1. Great finds again!

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