5/30/2015 Yard Sale Finds

This weeks highlight was one particular yard sale which I got a bunch of awesome items for very reasonable prices😄 this was the start of a moving sale and she was selling everything out of her garage. So I was able to uncover some really neat items. Shown below is just a handful of what I found there, I bought a lot😉 

 I only paid $1 for this painting. Painted landscape Signed by artist “Henry Ernest Fritzsche ’07”. I believe it is 1907 because I looked name up and matches man who was painter among other things born 1874.
Vintage Tile-tex store display sign. Very cool original sign in excellent condition. 

  This is a whole stack of 80s-90s sports hats with original tags still attached, very cool.
These are pencil drawings done in the early 1990’s in the style of comics. Extremely well done, super detailed up close!    

This is just a pen drawling of a deer but I liked it, it’s got some feeling.


If you see something you want let me know by commenting below😉 

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2 thoughts on “5/30/2015 Yard Sale Finds

  1. Henry E Fritzsche was my great uncle. We never met but I visited several times with my grandfather Alfred, his brother. Henry painted for his own pleasure not commercially.
    if you still have the painting, I would like to bring it back into the family.

    Henry Fritzsche
    12910 Dorman Rd Apt 3302
    Pineville NC 28134

    • Hi, wow what a small world! Im glad you were able to find my site! I’m sorry but I do not have the painting anymore, I sold it years ago. At least you have the digital image I have shared here on my site! Thanks for reaching out and my best to your family!

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