Picks of the Past

I found this oak gargoyle table at a moving sale in 2012. It was in the garage, becoming water damaged by the moisture at the feet and the side of the table top. It included the table top and came with 12 tables leaves. I paid $25, and sold it on craigslist for $600.


This is a Vornado window fan from a yard sale in 2011 which was being sold as is for $1 because they weren’t sure if it worked. Turned out it does, it just has a bit of a warm up time when you first plug it in.


1930’s Lawson clock purchased for $40 from an estate sale in 2012. Sold on ebay for $500.


This large cast iron school bell was purchased at the same moving sale as the above oak gargoyle table in 2012 for $20. Sold on craigslist for $150.

American Bell Foundry3

Here is an 1960’s barber chair in need of repairs. Purchased in 2013 at a yard sale for $25, sold at auction for $75.


This metal fire engine pedal car sold for $150 at auction and was purchased for $5 in 2013.


I bought this Winnie the Pooh Fire King milk glass cup for $2 at a thrift store in 2012 and sold it for $90.

SAM_7838 - Copy

Here is a 1950’s Convair B-36 chrome ashtray purchased at a yard sale in 2012 for $60 and it was sold on ebay for $260.

SAM_7347 - Copy

This WWII US Army Signal Flag Kit purchased at a neighborhood garage sale in 2012  for $30 and sold for $80

SAM_7656 - Copy


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