8/02/14 Yard Sale Finds

Despite being sick I was able to make yard sales. Well, just barely I should add. I really pushed myself because there were several that looked promising. I also thought it may make me feel better getting out of the house and putting my mind to something else other than my not feeling well. The first sale on my list was a house contents sale (my absolute favorite of all kinds of sales). This just adds all kinds of excitement on what you can possibly find. There was a small line when I arrived, about 5 people ahead of me. They had a strict start time and NO EARLY BIRDS stated in the online ad. But, if you know anything about yard sales or contents sales, people come early no matter what. She ended up letting everyone in about 10 minutes early anyway (This is why you don’t take the NO EARLY BIRDS threat too seriously, if you are a pro.) Anyway, I walked in and gravitated to the dinning room which was dark but had a lot of neat old looking items but I was quickly told nothing in that room was for sale. Utoh right, this is not looking promising  already. I walked around and didn’t see much, went upstairs and not much up there except for furniture, which is not my thing. Turns out the good stuff was in the den and the basement. I, not being on my A game because of being very sluggish and sick, was slow to get there and missed out on some great stuff. But I did snatch up some cool items. The woman running the sale was selling her mothers things. Her mother was a local Wayne, Pa artist Ann Balbirnie and I was able to get some original works of art by her seen below.

photo 4 (2) photo 5 (2)

I also found outside an old folk art iron rooster for $20 which is super cool and really has a great old look to it.

photo 1

photo 3 - Copy

The other item I found outside, attached to the house was this bell. I spend all of the energy I didn’t have getting this bell off the siding, of course being very mindful not the damage the house. I finally got it off the house, how could I not for $4? I was determined like it was my mission for the day, hah.

photo 2 - Copy