8/16/2014 Yard Sale Finds

I am sorry for the delay in the past few weeks on my updates. Life is crazy right now. I suppose it always is to some degree, but I just haven’t had any free time.

I have many posts to share for the past several weeks. Lots of new and fun things I have found on my many yard sale hunts. Every week it’s something different than the previous weeks finds. This is what makes my job so fun and I am so very thankful that I am able to do what I love and only pray that I am able to continue to do so for man years to come.

So I will start out with several old grade school composition books. These are neat to look through as all but one has writing inside from a first grader. One of the books is dated to, I believe, 1910 but I am not sure if they are all that old. Either way, really neat little books for $1 each.



Next I would like to share this large brass scale I purchased for $20. Neat scale, not 100% sure what it was used for. Seems big to be pharmaceutical which many of these scales were for. I guess it could be, but more research needs to be done on this.




This weekend I would like to feature the following holiday signs. I found these old store signs at a yard sale on Saturday. These were made by hand all by the same local sign maker from the 1950’s. There are dozens more and many different sign styles not shown below. The same person made them all locally. There are some sketches and works in progress as well which is pretty cool to see.
Anything you see on my site is for sale unless already sold. I do keep some items I find for my personal collection but most items will be placed up for sale on ebay or craigslist when I have the time.

4/12/14 Yard Sale Picks

This weekend featured a really fun and unusual moving sale. Unfortunately I was not on my “A game” and missed out of some really great items because I wasn’t paying attention. But you live and you learn. I did manage to get some great items here though as I will show you below.

Pennsylvania Indian dug Arrowhead collection

More dug Indian Artifacts from the Pennsylvania Area.

Really collectible and somewhat valuable collectors knives with sheaths.

3/29/14 Yard Sale Picks

Here are a few of the items I found at this Saturdays Estate Sales…

This is a German leather bag WW2 era..

Here is a 1960s Wham-O Air Blaster toy gun..

These are a vintage set of 3 Chinese “Wedding boxes”..

What I have been doing the last few months..

Less buying, more selling. That is why I have not had my weekly “Find” posts as I did all Summer. Yard and estate sales have died down, there are only 1 or 2 a week now in my area as opposed to the 20-30 that there normally are. I am selling now as much as possible on ebay and my local auction to get caught up before the season starts up again.

Below are just a few items I have acquired recently..

This is an autograph album from the 1980’s with over 80 signature photographs and letters from many famous opera singers including Placido Domingo. I paid only a few dollars for this as it was in a pile of items I purchased out of a very dirty garage from a local estate sale.

SAM_2727 SAM_2708 SAM_2811 SAM_2818

I purchased this vintage brass sign from a garage sale about a month ago. I think I paid around $20 for it. Samuel Rappaport was a local Philadelphia, Pa real estate infamous “slumlord”.

photo 6

This is an industrial fan by Hunter FAN and VENTILATING Co. out of Fulton NY. I purchased it a few weeks ago from a local flea market for $20. It was a bit of a struggle getting this home but in the end, when it sells, I think the trouble will be worth it. It is very cool standing 6ft tall with huge fan blades and a heavy cast iron base. It still works and is surprisingly extremely powerful.


9/21/13 Yard Sale Picks

WW1 (I believe) era “Venereal Prophylaxis Unit” Chest. Venereal disease was widespread in both WW1 and WW2 so apparently they had units specifically for STD’s. They also had campaigns such as posters and pamphlets to warn soldiers of unprotected sex overseas. I purchased this very unusual chest Saturday morning in Blue Bell at a yard sale. Normally militaria goes first thing or even more often before the sale is scheduled to start. But even once in a blue moon someone will not advertise they have such items and you can get lucky if you are a picker like myself. As far as I can tell from limited research this is WW1 because the WW2 era chests look very different and not as aged as this one.

SAM_1526 SAM_1527 SAM_1528 SAM_1530 SAM_1532 SAM_1542

9/07/13 My own Yard Sale

Had my own yard sale this Saturday. When you are in the business of resale you tend to accumulate more than you can keep up with. There are also those items that don’t sell. A yard sale is a great way to get rid of these items that may not be eBay worthy for one reason or another. Had my best sale money wise. We have had one a year for the past 3 years each one has made more then the last. Started at 7:30am had a dealer show up at 7am and had a few more dealers show up just before 7:30am. We made just under $1,500, woohoo! It makes all the work leading up to the sale, getting up at 3am, hanging 20 signs and setting up well worth all the trouble. I couldn’t have done it without you ❤




Dumpster Diving

Yeah okay I know some of you are going to think this is weird or gross or trashy. I don’t care really, think what you will. Some places throw away perfectly good working items to make room for new things. I hate waste and I also love free stuff. So check this out (not going to say from where). Controllers, Bluetooth headsets, car chargers, usb chargers, rechargeable batteries with chargers, bags, games, stereo headsets, cords, cases, toys and tons more! All thrown away in the trash.


8/3/2013 Yard Sale Picks

This past weekend was a pretty good one as far as sales go. I got a whole bunch of items in a wide range. For this post I will show the highlight which are four 2-Head 25 cent candy machines on solid wood stands. Purchased at a price of $70 for the four of them. A quick check showed them selling for $125 a piece on ebay. They are going to be too much of a pain to ship though so I will probably local auction/craigslist them.