10/11/2014 Yard Sale Finds

I was so excited about posting my super awesome yard sale finds last weekend that I skipped a week ahead on my blog and missed October 11’s finds. So the weekend of the 11th was the week that I got into the moving sale early. I had another picker try and chase me off the property yelling at me that the owner was asleep as they drove away. But I had emailed ahead of time instead of just showing up early in the morning. So where that picker was chased away I was welcomed in 2 hours early. It wasn’t as an amazing sale as I was hoping for though. Let me explain, The craigslist ad said it was a family who was selling all their possessions due to a major lifestyle change. Of course you read that and your blood gets pumping if you are a picker like myself. There was one picture in the ad and it was kind of dark and blurry but showed old wood furniture, vintage worn out leather couch and chair, duck decoys and other antique looking items hanging on the walls. When I arrived, I knocked and he said “come on it, everything is for sale.” Problem is there wasn’t much there. Turns out, he makes movies in Philadelphia and was moving on to a yacht. So it looked like he had gotten rid of  a lot already and was in the process of moving. I was able to find some cool things though from his office. A lot of the things I wanted he told me weren’t for sale. Which when you tell me everything is for sale, I make a pile and then you tell me well not this and that and that. That is frustrating for me, but it is what it is. So these are the items I snagged from this moving sale on 10/11.

This is an old aluminum movie reel where he wrapped carnival tickets around it. I kind of want to keep this, I think it would look cool hanging on the wall in my movie room.

IMG_0285 (2)

This is an old shipping box for a movie for the Philadelphia Civic Center.

IMG_0283 (2)

Below is a vintage child’s toy Punch puppet in its original box.

IMG_0284 (2)

This is my find of the day. An antique carpenter’s wooden box with copper trim. Very cool looking. It does not have the handle though, perhaps I could find something on ebay that would look nice with it.

IMG_0287 (2) IMG_0286 (2)IMG_0289 (2)