10/04/2014 Yard Sale Finds

For this weeks yard sale finds I have various things to share from different yard sales. The first being these two 1980’s Pee-Wee Herman and Chairry Dolls in their original boxes. That’s something you don’t see too often ( vintage toys in the original boxes) and was a nice find for $10. The talker string does not work anymore in Pee-Wee which is a common but unfortunate flaw. These are something I remember when I was growing up, being I am 30 now.  So I got a little flashback seeing these 1980’s toys.


The last thing I have to share are 4 old stage lights. Cool thing about these old lights are they still work. The unfortunate thing is they are a little rusty in areas and quite dusty inside and out so it will take a lot of cleaning to get these looking nice again. But, I suppose I could just clean the dust off and leave them rusty as that is really IN right now. Oh and they super cool thing I should mention I only paid $5 each!!! I know, I couldn’t believe the price stickers either when I saw them! These are for sale except I am going to keep the small one and attach it to an old tri-pod I have for some cool accent lighting. That project is down the road but I will post pictures here when I get to it.



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