8/17/2013 Yard Sale Picks

Really good Saturday yard sale day mainly due to one particular yard sale on the Mainline. I purchased a beautiful inlay jewelry box, 3 bracelets and a Necklace and spent $25. Here are some pictures. I believe they are ivory but not 100% on that. I will update next weekend after I take them to a jeweler. Also gold bracelet is marked 18k, need to get that checked out as well, could be my best deal ever. Woohoo.












7/27/2013 Yard Sale Picks

This was a weekend of Nintendo!!!! First yard sale stop had a big storage container of vintage video games. Couldn’t believe it was still there because there were about 10 people already at the sale. There are NES, Super Nintendo and a couple Sega Genesis games. 56 total video games for $50. Another sale on Saturday morning I got a NES system, a bunch of different controllers for it, joystick, Gun, some other accessories and about 5 games for $40. I love vintage video game stuff:)

Isn’t it funny how some weeks you will fight people over one item at a sale and every sale is like that that week. But at any given time there is exactly what you are looking for and no one is there or interested but you. I guess its just a reminder to keep your head up and not give up looking.


6/8/2013 Yard Sale Picks

This past Saturday morning on the 8th I found this nice group of 1970’s movie posters at a moving sale. I paid $25 for the group.

Fun fact: my favorite aunt ❤ was an extra in Jaws 2.

SAM_9883 SAM_9888 SAM_9890 SAM_9891