05/16/2015 Yard Sale Finds

Hi all😀 I have some interesting things this week to share from my many yard sale adventures. First off a 1920s Salesman 7 Bottle Container. After that there is a cool window fan. Love that color and I don’t even mind that’s it’s got some scratches and wear. It looks even cooler to me that you can see it is an old fan not a reproduction. Last but not least a 1940s Western Electric Bakelite telephone, purchased for $20 at a yard sale and sold on eBay already for $70.


 If you see something you want let me know by commenting below😉 

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05/02/15 Yard Sale Finds

Back to Yard And Estate Sales! Feels good to be back on the hunt for bargains and treasures. Hopefully I can keep up my good luck.  I have a few different things to share this week. Check them out below. Also, everything is for sale. Comment below if you are interested in anything 😊

   My find of the day was this 1940s Glass Globe for only $5. Has a beautiful glow and a really cool Art Deco style metal base.

   Awesome old framed 1868 marriage license with pictures of the couple.

  This Is a framed 1896 Diploma for Northern Indiana Business Institute. I love old certificates.

This Is an old child’s blackboard with scrolling graphics up top. It is shown opened where it was also made to be used as a desktop.

  Oil can with cool graphics. I love the look of vintage graphics like this one.

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11/08/2014 Yard Sale Finds

I got a 6 AM start this Saturday morning. Started at a yard sale in Blue Bell and then went to Paoli and then Merion Station and so on. I purchased these 2 antique photographs of Princeton and The Princeton Lynde Debating Team of 1890. Paid $10.



Collection of rusty old 1930’s Pennsylvania License Plates. Paid $50 total and also included some 1950’s and 1970’s plates as well which I did not photograph here.


11/01/2014 Yard Sale Finds

Not much to report for November 1st. I had a Halloween party so I did not go to yard sales on Saturday. There wasn’t much going on anyway as far as sales go. I will share a few things I got the previous week which I did not share on my last post.  I am also posting my yard sale finds for November 8th directly after this post.


Gold plated record for Treasury of the World’s Most Honored Musical Favorites Produced for Longines Wittnauer Watch Company by Columbia Special Products.




3 vintage Fire King milk glass mugs in great 2 tone 1960’s colors. Paid $1 each.

10/26/2014 Yard Sale Finds

Another early start this Saturday morning. I got up at 6am, fun fun. The first sale was a moving sale but it turned out to be a bit of a dud. Craigslist ad had loads of potential but it did not live up to its claims. I got some vintage Christmas things, but nothing worth sharing on here. Next sale was a very good sale. Was just a yard sale, but I was the first one to arrive as they were setting up. Very nice elderly couple, still active. This man wanted to sell everything. You could tell he was plain done storing things. You have to love when people are finally ready to let things go. You go to some yard sales and certain things are way overpriced with zero room for negotiation. I have come to the realization those people do not really want to sell these items.

Anyways, I got about 30 antique glass and porcelain insulators for $20 there. All different shapes, sizes and colors. Went around the back of the house and instantly saw a large crate full of old motorcycle trophies. He wanted $5 each, we negotiated down to $50 for about 20 trophies. By negotiated, I mean.. he said how about $75, I said how about $50 and he said “Yes!”, lol. Like I said, he wanted them gone, probably could have gone even lower. These were his trophies he won in the early 1960’s. Very cool to meet an old motorcycle racer from back in the day. I also purchased his fathers Horsehide leather jacket. In need of repairs to the lining but the leather itself is in outstanding condition. I paid $25 for this jacket. And those were the highlights from that weekend, All from that one yard sale. And normally it will be just the one sale that makes your day.


Old front quarter horsehide leather jacket.

FullSizeRender - CopyIMG_0296

1960’s motorcycle trophies

9/27/2014 Yard Sale Finds

Again, I find myself behind a week in posting. It was a stressful week, one thing after another went wrong. Never the less, Here are some finds from 2 weeks ago. These items came from a yard sale of an ebay dealer who said she just had too much and needed to unload. Been there, done that. I got some neat items as you can see blow.  1970’s style plastic lamp, required a bit of cleaning but turned out to be in pretty good condition.



Here is a set of retro Salt and Pepper shakers. Fun vintage colors and style.


This is a large heavy glass ashtray. Picture doesn’t quite do this justice, it is quite big and has a cool vintage look to it.



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8/23/2014 Yard Sale Finds

I purchased this old photo album which is another thing I love to find at estate sales. Don’t ask me why people sell them, perhaps they belonged to someone who the current owner doesn’t know. Either way, I always enjoy finding them and taking a look at someone else’s life from a much different time.



This is something which may not seem that neat to everyone but in my eyes I think  it is very cool. This is a 1945 WW2 mail kit for someone in the United States Navy. I love military items, and I have seen the red and blue striped envelopes, as many have, which have been filled in and mailed. I have not seen, until this one, one of these kits with unused contents. $1


8/16/2014 Yard Sale Finds

I am sorry for the delay in the past few weeks on my updates. Life is crazy right now. I suppose it always is to some degree, but I just haven’t had any free time.

I have many posts to share for the past several weeks. Lots of new and fun things I have found on my many yard sale hunts. Every week it’s something different than the previous weeks finds. This is what makes my job so fun and I am so very thankful that I am able to do what I love and only pray that I am able to continue to do so for man years to come.

So I will start out with several old grade school composition books. These are neat to look through as all but one has writing inside from a first grader. One of the books is dated to, I believe, 1910 but I am not sure if they are all that old. Either way, really neat little books for $1 each.



Next I would like to share this large brass scale I purchased for $20. Neat scale, not 100% sure what it was used for. Seems big to be pharmaceutical which many of these scales were for. I guess it could be, but more research needs to be done on this.


A rusty old sewing table gets new life!

I dug this metal sewing table out of an attic estate sale a few weeks ago. I really liked the bones of it so I decided to take it upon myself to restore it to its former glory. Well, it is missing a side leaf so I’ll say almost back to its former glory, lol. I picked a nice retro green color and a primer and got to sanding the whole thing down. Sanding took me a few hours because I wanted to make sure I got all the rust off and it was nice and smooth. A few days later I took on the task of primer painting and today I just finished the final coat of paint! All and all it did not take me long and spray painting is easy enough with the Valspar paint, they have the easy spray bottles. 2 cans of primer paint and 2 cans of the finish coat paint and a few pieces of sandpaper (I used 100 grit) was all it took. Check out my pictures below!

photo 1 - Copy (7)

photo 2 - Copy (2)

photo 3 - Copy (4)






This weekend I would like to feature the following holiday signs. I found these old store signs at a yard sale on Saturday. These were made by hand all by the same local sign maker from the 1950’s. There are dozens more and many different sign styles not shown below. The same person made them all locally. There are some sketches and works in progress as well which is pretty cool to see.
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