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Thank you for checking out my blog which is updated every week with my great yard and estate sale finds from the previous weekend. Please feel free to explore my “Picks of the Past” page and also you can see all previous weeks since I began my blog. And believe me, there are some really great and surprising finds over the last few years! Also be sure to follow my blog so you don’t miss anything I find in the future. All items I purchase at yard sales auctions and estate sales are for sale, so if you see something you want email me and we will work out a purchase through Paypal.

I am a woman with a love for vintage and antique items of all kinds! I have been going to estate sales with my dad ever since I can remember. I fell in love with estate sales from a very early age. Starting with Susan Vitale Estate Sales on the Philadelphia Main Line, Pa. “The Main Line is an unofficial historical and socio-cultural region of suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, comprising a collection of affluent towns built along the old Main Line of the Pennsylvania Railroad which ran northwest from downtown Philadelphia parallel to Lancaster Avenue (US Route 30).”-Wikipedia

The very first 2 things I remember buying were a fun little polar bear and bird carved figurines from a Susan Vitale Estate Sale when I was very young. Not knowing at the time but they are in fact Ivory, those are something I will always keep as a reminders of her wonderful sales.

I am a lover of all things flea market, yard, estate and garage sales. And lets not forget auctions, thrift stores and free finds on the side of the road. I have been going to these places with my dad since I could walk. This is a site dedicated to what I find at these places each week.  I am a re-seller through eBay Craigslist and auctions in my area. I hope that people will contribute with their finds as well. I would like to share with others and exchange experiences and advice when it comes to value age or other information.



9 thoughts on “About me

  1. I really like your blog and your business, and wish you best of luck!

  2. What became of that sign from the disney park? The one with the disney mgm logo on it?

  3. Well I’d be happy to follow along!

  4. Hi, Wonderful Marcia Silvette. I knew David Silvette well and used to help him with various art research projects. He was in his late 70’s and I was 21 years old fresh out of college. I would be interested in his daughters work once you get a price on it.


    Sarah Reeves

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Love your finds!!

  6. I am looking for one of those black Air-Blaster toys from the 60s. Would you still have the one you had shown on myyardsalepick.Com

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